45 Productions Have Moved!

45 Productions has moved to a new, larger warehouse in Silverwater, a change driven by the remarkable growth and expansion of our musical theatre department.

Our new home offers the luxury of more space, allowing us to house specialised equipment and enhance our capability to prepare and build musical shows and events, regardless of their size or complexity. This move is a significant step forward enabling our dedicated team to serve you better.

Our new facilities include:

  • A purpose-built space for thorough preparation and testing of our systems and equipment.
  • A custom manufacturing area for the development of innovative and customised AV Products and solutions.
  • A repair and service station equipped with high-tech equipment for routine maintenance, repair and customised modifications.
  • A dedicated training and development hub for upskilling the team with the latest AV technologies and best practices, to bring the highest level of skill and expertise to your shows and events.

We thank everyone who has been part of our journey for their continued support. We look forward to this new exciting chapter in setting new standards in musical theatre and corporate AV.

We’d love to hear from you, please contact us: https://www.45productions.com.au/contact/

We’re now located at: 2/8 Millennium Ct, Silverwater NSW 2128. Reach out to us to organise an appointment to come visit and say g’day!