Webinars, Meetings & Live Streams on Zoom & Other Platforms

Online webinars and meetings are a very convenient and effective method to reach a large audience remotely, over the internet. Global pandemic events have proven the importance of online events, as well as how essential it is to use an experienced and well equipped audio-visual production company.

We handle the entire process from the registration form and pre-event emails, right through to the post-event analytics and statistics. This really leaves our clients relaxed and at ease knowing that the technical side will be taken care of. They can then focus on the content and other important aspects of the event.

We deliver a professional looking, high quality production, and a production that works and is secure. That is important for your brand image, and is often compromised with many DIY approaches.

Jordan Floyd – Owner & Production Manager (45 Productions)

What’s possible?

Numerous panel members, multiple live presenters, videos, powerpoint presentations and creative freedom are all still possible with an online event.

Live cross to a presenter in a different city, state…even country. Hold a Q&A session using online chats, phone calls, or video integration. Polls and forms for capturing viewer’s details for post-event marketing.

Why 45 Productions, and how do we do it?

45 Productions have been using Zoom and other similar platforms for several years. We have significant experience in hosting small to large and very complex Live Streams, Webinars & Meetings.

Our experience and proven success allows you to focus on content and other aspects of the event or webinar. We also have a growing range of in-house developed software and hardware that enables us additional flexibility and custom high powered features.

Video conferencing, webinars, custom branded live streams, filming and recording for video packages (post-production) with 45 Productions.

It’s simple what makes us so successful. We spend more time in the planning and preparation phase. Success on event day is all about what you can’t see that makes it work. Every detail is thoroughly planned. We know exactly how the production is going to work well before the event.

What does that mean for you? Things just….work. We’re prepared and flexible for anything that pops up on the day, without any fuss. That makes you look good and get your message across successfully.