These are some of the technical production services we offer for Theatre & Stage Production.
We have a vast range of equipment and services that can be provided in any combination for any event.
If you have a specific question or requirement, please contact us or request a quotation to find out how we can help.

– Stage lighting.
– Moving lights.
– LED lighting.

– Stage audio systems.
– Wireless microphones and headsets.
– In-ear monitors for band/orchestra and on-stage talent.

– Mixing of live cameras, prepared video content and dynamic content.
– Live streaming to public or private online sites (Youtube, Facebook, LiveStream etc).
– Custom vision templates for lower thirds, logo bugs and animations.
– Vision effects.
– Display and projection mapping.
– Vision servers for mapping to lighting or displays/projection.
– Vision recording – multiple cameras.
– Post-production.
– Live streams to Green Rooms, backstage etc.

Communications and Cueing
– Wired and wireless communications systems.
– Stage cueing systems.
– Timecode and other trigger systems.