Some of our first events were in Theatre, where we now hold a developed and substantial experience in theatre ranging from small schools to large professional productions.
We work closely with directors, producers and creative departments in designing technical solutions in lighting, sound and vision. Our “set LED” department is always stocked with custom lighting and vision solutions to work with each theatre production.

Select a category below for more information on services we can offer to theatre productions:

Plays & Musicals
Theatre & Stage Production

We can provide services for any other types of theatre productions, including but not limited to:

– Stage lighting.
– Moving lights.
– LED lighting.
– Custom lighting for props.
– Custom lighting for stage or set design.

– Stage audio systems.
– Wireless microphones, lapels and headsets.
– In-ear monitors for band/orchestra and on-stage talent.

– Live camera mixing to local TV’s, existing venue screens and projectors.
– IMAG displays and mixing.
– Live streaming to public or private online sites – or the school website (Youtube, Facebook, LiveStream etc).
– Vision effects.
– Display and projection mapping.
– Vision servers for mapping to lighting or displays/projection.
– Live streams to Green Rooms, backstage etc.
– Recording one or multiple cameras.
– Post-production editing.

Communications and Cueing
– Wired and wireless communications systems.
– Stage cueing systems.
– Timecode and other trigger systems.