Telling a Story

Musical Theatre productions are unlike other types of shows. It’s not about the loudest sound system or the flashiest lighting fixtures. Musical Theatre is, first and foremost, about “telling a story”. 

With this in mind, 45 Productions looks beyond just the equipment. We work closely with directors, performers and creative teams to design technical solutions using sound, lighting, vision, drapes and staging to create a magical experience that deeply conveys the story to the audience. 

To achieve this, we use carefully selected design and intricate techniques across our technical departments. These include immersive sound technology, advanced sound design techniques, capable lighting equipment that helps to set scenes and create moods, and video equipment that creates various effects such as rain, texturing the stage floor, and more.

We believe “if we do our job right, the audience will remain so immersed and connected with the story, that they won’t even notice our presence”. 

Theatre Sound Design

Sound Design

Our expertise in sound extends beyond basic amplification – it’s an art form. With precision and creativity, we sculpt the audio environment to bring the stage to life. Whether it’s the whispers of dialogue, the sweeping orchestral arrangements or the subtle ambience of a transition scene, we specialise in curating an auditory journey that resonates with the heart of every musical note and the soul of every theatrical moment.

Utilising spatial audio, surround sound, and bespoke audio effects, we heighten the emotional impact of your performance.

At 45 Productions, our engineers are highly skilled in line-by-line mixing techniques, which they combine with theatre sound automation technology to expertly mix even the most modern and complex librettos. This mixing approach results in a noticeable improvement in sonic quality and overall tightness of shows.

Preventative System Monitoring

Our team members are skilled radio technicians with expertise in implementing complex radio systems. 

At 45 Productions, we utilise multiple advanced monitoring and fault detection technologies to detect potential radio microphone issues, such as clogging, slipping under hats and wigs or RF interference, before they impact the performance on stage.

This preventative monitoring ensures that our technicians promptly resolve any issues, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a flawless show.

45 Productions System Rack

Lighting Design & Atmospherics

In theatre, lighting is a powerful tool for setting the mood and atmosphere. Our designers are well-versed in relevant, modern lighting technology, understanding that it’s not necessarily about the quantity of lights used in the design, but rather the way they’re used to tell a story effectively.

We’re able to use atmospheric effects such as haze, smoke and bubble machines to set the scene, enhance performances and deliver special effects when the show calls for it. 

Our team is experienced in utilising these effects and follow established procedures and guidelines to ensure you can enjoy them while being rest assured that we have addressed the associated compliance considerations, such as safely disabling fire alarms.

Our Systems

Each of our events are carefully prepared to meet its specific requirements. Racks and systems are custom-built in our warehouse to precisely suit the needs of the show. When it’s time for setup, we simply turn up, roll in the preassembled racks (we like ramps, but aren’t afraid of stairs!) before connecting them to signal and power. It’s that easy! 

All our hardware is labelled for each event, including logos, character names, stage positions and more. For musicals and shows, we go the extra mile by labelling every transmitter and microphone for each character. Whilst we mostly do this to help our technicians backstage, we think it also adds a special touch for the cast and demonstrates our attention to detail at every stage of production.

Production Support Video

Our theatre systems come equipped with advanced production support video systems. These include front-of-house colour and blackout cameras, a music director camera, show relay to dressing rooms and displays for stage managers and the music director. Additionally, our systems are capable by default of providing the low-latency video infrastructure needed to support remote orchestra pits. 

Our systems also support archival video recording, enabling you to capture copies of your performances for immediate review afterward by creatives, music directors, stage managers or other departments to make notes, or for safety purposes, provided the appropriate licence has been obtained for this purpose.

Recording your Theatre Production

45 Productions carries a wide range of high-quality camera equipment suitable for recording your theatre production for distribution and sale. This includes multiple camera angles and premium audio mixed specifically for video.

Our crew diligently plans and rehearses camera movements to accurately capture the essence of the live experience. This recording can be carried out during a live performance or at a specific recording session without an audience.

Video Solutions for Storytelling

45 Productions offers a diverse range of solutions aimed at enhancing storytelling. These include video equipment such as backdrops for scene setting, projection onto stage decks or sets and more.


Efficient communication is essential for the success of any production. Our communication solutions enable stage managers, technicians, wardrobe, WHAM, front-of-house staff, and others to easily communicate from any part of the venue.

Our theatre packages include the best equipment specifically designed to facilitate this essential communication during live shows. 

Communication Technologies & Solutions

There are many different communication technologies, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that solve different problems and address the different requirements of various roles and safety considerations.

We have developed robust and flexible integration technologies that seamlessly connect all the right solutions into one main system, allowing people to communicate with and hear the people and teams they need to effortlessly.

Our knowledgeable team can discuss your communication requirements with you and recommend the most suitable solution for your specific application. They will then provide your team with quick and easy-to-understand training, along with ongoing support and continuously monitor the equipment for any issues.


Drapery serves as a versatile tool in the event designer’s palette, enabling us to craft unique atmospheres from scratch.

Beyond ambiance, drapery becomes a dynamic element when creating stage wings and dressing the stage and room to suit the show.

Drapery is also critical when needing to help manage or remove ambient light from windows or adjoining areas where the event space may not be perfectly designed to hold Theatre productions.

In addition to its aesthetic contributions, drapery plays a vital role in optimising acoustic profiles. We strategically use drapes to treat event spaces, minimising echoes and controlling sound reflections. This not only ensures better audio quality but also creates a more enjoyable and immersive experience for your audience.

Beyond the stage, our drapery solutions offer a means of concealing and surrounding production areas and enhancing the visual appeal of the event space. It is also a method of creating additional divisions and rooms, such as quick-change areas, additional dressing rooms or backstage areas. 


Our carefully curated staging inventory focuses on meeting specific needs, including stage extensions, orchestra and drum risers, production areas and risers for production elements such as cameras. 

Stage extensions offer additional space for dynamic performances and the inclusion of more set pieces, enhancing the visual appeal and storytelling capability. They also allow for the creative shaping of the stage to suit the narrative’s needs.

Camera risers are essential for enabling cameras to shoot over the audience, ensuring clear and unobstructed shots of the performance, crucial for live feeds and recordings.

Production risers elevate control areas or key personnel, providing them with a clear view of the stage to manage the production effectively.

These elements collectively enhance the theatrical experience by improving visibility, aesthetics, and the overall quality of the production.

Professional Experience & Guidance

We understand the challenges involved in planning a musical production. Our team specialises in theatre productions of all sizes and scales and can offer assistance in selecting the right technical solutions for your requirements. From the initial consultation to guiding you through every stage, we’re committed to ensuring everything goes well.

With a diverse team bringing extensive experience in professional theatre, community and school theatre, live broadcast, corporate, education and live music, we can provide the support you need.

45 Productions is one big team covering multiple departments. We carefully create and assign roles to make sure we still provide a personalised service throughout your whole experience and can still scale to any size of event or busy period. 

Your account manager acts as your primary point of contact. Their objective is to listen, understand your requirements, maintain constant communication, all contributing to a successful and memorable experience.

Why choose 45 Productions?

Personalised Solutions

Personalised Solutions

We work with you to find the right solution, even when one doesn't exist yet. Utilising our range of custom products and proven methods, we then make it happen as you imagined, without compromise!

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We're committed to achieving perfection in every aspect of our productions. We plan from start to finish, so you can rest assured all is covered and that your event will run smoothly and efficiently.

Quality of Equipment

Quality of Equipment

We use only the highest quality equipment to design premium productions. We offer this in a cost-effective manner because our business model is built around making exceptional service and quality accessible for everyone!

People that care

People that care

Our experienced and skilled team is passionate about their work. They're committed to guiding you through the entire process, from the initial planning to creating a seamless and memorable experience on the day.

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