Comprehensive Technical Production Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive technical solutions that cater to all aspects of Theatre. With a vast array of in-house capabilities across multiple departments, we are fully equipped to handle complexities of any size.

Our scalable operations are supported by a team of seasoned professionals across departments, ensuring we can expand to meet the demands of larger events and audiences without compromising on quality.

Moreover, we are well-prepared with contingency plans to address any unforeseen challenges, providing our clients with peace of mind, reliability and seamless execution for every event.

Professional Experience & Guidance

Our diverse team brings extensive experience in professional, community and school theatre, live broadcast, corporate, education and live music.

From the initial consultation to guiding you through every stage, we’re committed to selecting the right technical solutions for your requirements and ensuring everything goes well.

Telling a Story

Musical Theatre productions are unlike other types of shows. It’s not about the loudest sound system or the flashiest lighting fixtures. Musical Theatre is, first and foremost, about telling a story

We work closely with creative teams, directors and performers to design technical solutions using sound, lighting, vision, drapes, staging and more to create a magical experience that fosters a connection between the audience and the story. 

To achieve this, we employ meticulously selected designs and intricate methods across all our technical departments. These include immersive sound design techniques, along with appropriate lighting and video equipment. Together, these tools not only help set scenes and create moods but also deeply connect the audience to the story.

We believe “if we do our job right, the audience will remain so immersed and connected with the story, that they won’t even notice our presence”. 

Theatre Sound Design

Sound Design

Our expertise in sound extends beyond basic amplification – it’s an art form. With precision and creativity, we sculpt the audio environment to bring the stage to life.

At 45 Productions, our engineers are highly skilled in line-by-line mixing techniques, which they combine with theatre sound automation technology to expertly mix even the most modern and complex librettos. This mixing approach results in a noticeable improvement in sonic quality and overall tightness of shows.

Preventative System Monitoring

45 Productions provide a highly trained radio technician for each show. Tasked solely with utilising the power of multiple cutting-edge monitoring and fault detection technologies, the technician is able to identify and resolve potential issues well before they could impact the performance.

This vigilant preventative monitoring offers complete peace of mind, resulting in a flawless and uninterrupted show experience.

45 Productions System Rack

Lighting Design & Atmospherics

Our designers are well-versed in relevant, modern lighting technology, understanding that it’s not necessarily about the quantity of lights used in the design, but rather the way they’re used to tell a story effectively. Atmospheric effects such as haze, smoke and bubble machines allow us to set the scene, enhance performances and deliver special effects when the show calls for it.

Effective lighting design is crucial, as it deeply enhances and vividly realizes our client’s narrative vision on stage, ensuring it resonates with the audience.

Our Systems

Our purpose built Musical Theatre systems are well researched, thoroughly designed and tested and specifically engineered for the School & Community Theatre market. They include all the bare essentials, as well as powerful additional capabilities such as video, communications and more. When it’s time for bump in, we roll our preassembled racks into place and connect them to signal and power.

This results in the show running much smoother on stage and back stage for all departments including stage management, other technical departments and even Front of House staff. Everyone will have what they need to excel at delivering your vision.

Production Support Video

Our theatre systems include front-of-house colour and blackout cameras, a music director camera, show relay to dressing rooms and displays for stage managers and the music director. Additionally, our systems are capable by default of providing the low-latency video infrastructure needed to support remote orchestra pits.

This ensures everyone backstage and in dressing rooms is connected with what is happening on stage, and that the cast, crew and band remain in perfect sync throughout the show.

Video Solutions for Storytelling

45 Productions offers a diverse range of solutions aimed at enhancing storytelling. These include video equipment such as backdrops for scene setting, projection onto stage decks or sets and more.

This approach broadens the creative possibilities for directors and designers, enriching the storytelling, making each scene more captivating for the audience.


Our systems include communication solutions that enable stage managers, technicians, wardrobe, WHAM, front-of-house staff, and others to easily communicate from any part of the venue.

We offer various types of communication solutions, each with its own strengths as well as custom solutions that connect these technologies together. This allows us to select the most appropriate technology for each user.

Our team will provide quick and easy-to-understand training, along with ongoing support and continuous monitoring of the equipment.

We ensure that all members of the production team can coordinate effectively in real time, critical for smooth transitions, effective show call and for addressing any immediate needs during a show.


Beyond ambiance, drapery becomes a useful tool for creating stage wings, dressing the stage, managing ambient light, improving acoustics and dressing the room to suit the show.

Beyond the stage, drapery is also a method of creating additional divisions and rooms, such as quick-change areas or additional dressing rooms. 

Drapery serves as a versatile tool in the event designer’s palette, essential for adapting any space to fit the unique requirements of each show, ensuring a seamless and engaging performance experience.


Our carefully curated staging inventory focuses on meeting specific needs, including stage extensions, orchestra and drum risers, production areas and risers for production elements such as cameras. 

These elements collectively enhance the theatrical experience by improving visibility, aesthetics, and the overall quality of the production.

Why choose 45 Productions?

Personalised Solutions

Personalised Solutions

We work with you to find the right solution, even when one doesn't exist yet. Utilising our range of custom products and proven methods, we then make it happen as you imagined, without compromise!

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We're committed to achieving perfection in every aspect of our productions. We plan from start to finish, so you can rest assured all is covered and that your event will run smoothly and efficiently.

Quality of Equipment

Quality of Equipment

We use only the highest quality equipment to design premium productions. We offer this in a cost-effective manner because our business model is built around making exceptional service and quality accessible for everyone!

People that care

People that care

Our experienced and skilled team is passionate about their work. They're committed to guiding you through the entire process, from the initial planning to creating a seamless and memorable experience on the day.

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