Corporate Events require precision, care and careful planning.
Our experience in Corporate Events has proven that we care about the result and how it is reached. We understand the delicacy and elegance desired and can achieve this while maintaining a premium product.

Select a category below for more information on services we can offer to corporate events:

Convention Events Marketing Events
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Live Events Weddings

We can provide services for any other types of corporate events, including but not limited to:

– Coloured lighting: Branded, changing, fading colours for exhibition displays or general lighting.
– Stage lighting and programmed effects for any major announcements or performances.
– Media wall lighting.

– PA Audio systems for small areas or rooms.
– Stage audio systems.
– Flexible audio distribution to multiple rooms or venues.
– Wireless microphones, lapels and headsets.

– Live camera mixing to local TV’s, existing venue screens and projectors.
– Sponsor and digital signage displays.
– Live streaming to public or private online sites – or your own website (Youtube, Facebook, LiveStream etc).
– Branded and custom animations, video content and lower thirds.
– Song lyric displays on screens, full screen or on top of mixing cameras.
– Live dynamic text updates – for results, voting statistics, leaderboards etc.
– Custom vision templates for lower thirds, logo bugs and animations.
– Recording one or multiple cameras.
– Post-production editing.

– Wireless digital communication systems.
– Wired communication systems.

Power Distribution:
– Power distribution from a generator to multiple rooms/exhibitors.