Community Events often involve events outside of standard events environments or venues.
These ‘out of the ordinary’ conditions mean an experienced production team like 45 Productions is required to cover all the essentials and needed components to deliver a successful and safe event. We carry the experience and precision to offer all types of community events and custom projects to fit in with Councils, Sports clubs and other organisations and committees requirements and ideas.

Select a category below for more information on services we can offer to community events:

Council Events Live Events
Live Streaming Sports Events

We can provide services for any other types of community events, including but not limited to:

– Stage lighting.
– Moving lights.
– LED coloured lights.
– Site lighting –  buildings, outdoor areas.

– Stage audio systems.
– Wireless microphones, lapels and headsets.

– Live cameras broadcast to local TVs, IMAG displays, venue screens, large LED screens or online stream.
– Sponsor and digital signage displays.
– Live streaming to public or private online sites (Youtube, Facebook, LiveStream etc).
– Branded and custom animations, video content and lower thirds.
– Song lyric displays on screens, full screen or on top of mixing cameras.
– Live dynamic text updates – for results, voting statistics, leaderboards etc.
– Custom vision templates for lower thirds, logo bugs and animations.
– Recording one or multiple cameras.
– Post-production editing.

Outside Broadcast vehicles:
– Multiple smaller Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles.
– Specially designed modular system for OB Utes, perfect for remote sites, small spaces and smaller OB setups.
– Sports OB Vehicles available.

– Wireless digital communication systems.
– Wired communication systems.

Power Distribution:
– Power distribution from a generator to multiple areas.