New Moving LED Lights – Rogue R2 Wash

45 Productions New Rogue R2 Wash Moving LED

The most recent addition to the 45 Productions Lighting inventory has proven to be very popular among our clients and Lighting Department!

Our 12 new Rogue R2 Wash LED Moving Heads have already featured on several jobs ranging from conferences to dinners and even a small theatre show.

The multi-functionality of these R2s have them being used on stage as “eye-candy” as well as front light and coloured room wash.

Clients have noticed the difference in flexibility when compared to the non-moving fixtures and like how they look when used as an appealing background on stage for events.

They are a functional, bright and high-quality moving LED wash fixture with the useful feature of individual pixel control.  This allows us to give the “eye-candy” effect that many of our clients are looking for.

The R2 Wash has quickly become our main moving-wash fixture and we will continue to develop new ways of using the countless features when designing unique events for our clients.  It really has unlocked so many more possibilities and potential designs that we can offer.

The Rogue R2 Wash are available now for events and production – and will be available for Dry Hire from Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Talk to us about how we can include this great, new and appealing fixture in your next event design.

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