Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2


“Water based Hazer
the safest way to make Haze”

The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II offers both a very fine haze, or fog-like output with extremely
efficient consumption, quiet operation and flexible distribution. This robust design ensures that the
perfect atmosphere is achieved without any worry for unwanted residue, on stage or other

Flexible in all positions

“Behind the drummers are only 30 cm of space!” “No Problem, simply tilt the Hazer on its side!”
Thanks to the closed and robust hose system inside the Tour Hazer it can be tilted and operated on either side. If you want to direct the haze directly towards the ground, it does not matter if it is laying on its side or completely upside down. Only the side where the air vent is located should remain exposed, and the direction of the haze can easily be changed due to the 45° adjustable air baffle.

Stored in a robust Amptown road case. 5L fluid bottle included inside.