Light Emotion 4 Channel Portable DMX Dimmer


A portable DMX dimmer perfect for small events, lectern lights and dimming from a standard 10amp outlet.

The dimmer has 4 channels, capable of dimming 1100 watts per channel, up to a total of 2400 watts across all 4 channels.

This is especially great when dimming is required for a small amount of fixtures and where 3 phase for a larger dimmer is either not available or not practical. Plugging this into a normal 10amp outlet will give 4 channels of dimming without a big 3 phase dimmer.

Additional information

Power Connection

10amp AU plug

Data Connection

3 pin XLR in/out

Output power

1100W/channel, max 2400W shared across 4 channels.


Hook clamp rigging, Rack mount adaptor

Rack size

1 RU per 2 units (configurable rack mount)


2.8 kg