Icom UHF Two Way Radio (6-Way Kit)

6 way kit including 6x Icom UHF radios and Remote Speaker Mics (RSM). The case has a multi-charger station built-in, making it easy and neat to deploy.


Icom industrial grade radios available for hire. Perfect for use at events, schools, work sites, public events, councils – any use that requires high quality, reliable communications with workers safety always in mind. This radio also comes with CB channels programmed in, if required.

45 Productions have a large range of accessories available for our communications fleet. Ranging from high quality headsets (with converters), In-Ear tubes, Remote Speaker Mics, Repeaters and full 6-way radio kits. We also have various “interfaces” to connect with many different communications systems.

All of our radios come with our Commercially Licensed Channels, providing extra privacy and reliable communications compared to publicly available “CB radios” with public channels.
Get in touch to find out how 45 Productions can assist in your communications needs.

This 6 way kit comes in an easy to use case with chargers inbuilt, and a range of accessories available.

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