Enttec OpenDMX Ethernet ArtNet Node


A simple ArtNet Node as a reliable solution to DMX signal distribution. An industry standard solution in a compact and robust unit.

The OpenDMX Ethernet (ODE) provides the flexibility, features, and performance for advanced lighting networks and simple single universe setups.


  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports Industry standard Art-net and ESP
  • Can be used as Input or Output
  • Status, Direction and Link LEDs
  • Ethercon connector
  • 7V Input DC jack
  • ARM 32bit Processor.
  • Upgradeable firmware

Additional information

Power Connection

DC Jack (7VDC)

Power Consumption

5.6 W (maximum)

Data Connection

5pin XLR In/Out

Supported Universes

1 (512ch)


0.26 kg