LightPro DS812 RGB White LED Light Panel

$175.00 (1 day)

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A powerful and versatile LED Light Panel for film, TV, broadcast and stage use. CRI up to 95. Stepless colour temperature control from 2800K to 10000K, RGB and HSI colour adjustment and colour balance tuning.

400W of output power, with RGB and White chips on board. Standard diffusion built in, with barn doors and honeycomb included in the kit.
The DS812 has a built in “Gel mode” that has a variety of commonly used film gel colours from LEE and ROSCO.

The fixture also has a built in effect mode, with preset lighting effects like police lights, candle light, lightning and more. Create these special effects in a studio environment without a complex control system.

Control the LightPro DS812 with high resolution DMX-512 control, as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smartphone application for even more possibilities.


Key Features:

  • Colour temperature adjustable (from 2800K – 10,000K)
  • Colour balance adjustable (from G/M +/-0.1)
  • RGB and HSI control
  • Rosco and LEE Filter Presets
  • Preset Effects
  • DMX Control
  • Smartphone application control (Bluetooth)
  • CRI of up to 95, TLCI up to 93
  • Barndoor and honeycomb
  • OLED display with onboard adjustment knobs

Additional information


400W Output

Power Connection

Neutrik powerCON TrueONE (TrueCON)

Beam Angle

64 degrees



Colour Temperature

2800K – 10,000K



LUX (5600K)

0.5m: 34,400 / 1m: 8,890 / 2m: 2,340


735 x 492 x 236mm