HSC Major Works Showcase

HSC Major Works Showcase

We have provided lighting for this event for several years. A showcase of student’s HSC Major Works in Visual Arts, Computing Studies and Industrial Technology.

The exterior front of each building is lit up in colour, as well as the interior – running on a large ArtNet network and power distribution system spanning 400m across the site.

grandMA2 Command Wing onPC System
Enttec Artnet Network (Multiple single universe nodes)
Jands PDS12 Distribution
WDMX™ Wireless System

ShowPro Quad-18 LED Par
ShowPro Quad-7 LED Par
ShowPro EX-36 LED Flood Light

Corporate Farewell Audio Visual Services

The King’s School Headmaster Farewell

We provided Lighting, Sound and Vision for the very important The King’s School Headmaster’s Farewell.

The event was originally planned to be an outdoors event, however was moved to be indoors where the Production team transformed the area to be an amazing event space. We were able to take our system, designed with the indoor option in mind, and drop it into a new venue at the last minute with great success.

We took 3 live cameras for live vision mixing to 8 large TV displays and an on stage monitor, as well as recording the event.

TKS Headmaster Farewell


Tara School Dinner

Tara Annual School Dinner

Each year we provide a lighting package designed to the current year’s theme!

We provide general site lighting, themed lighting for student made displays each year, and some movement, colour and action for the dancing at the end!


Cricket Batting for Change Wireless Microphone

Cricket players’ wireless microphones

We provided an In Ear Audio and Wireless Microphone audio system to Cricket players, allowing communication with an MC and players on the field.

Audio between players and MCs was broadcast around the oval for spectators.

Shure IEM In-Ear Monitors System
Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphones
Yamaha LS-9 Digital Audio Console

GB Drinks

GB Casual Drinks Occassion

Provided themed lighting for an evening event. The venue transformed amazingly, with everybody involved thrilled with the outcome.

ShowPro EX-36 LED Flood
Martin Mania DC-2

You Can't Take It With You

Theatre – You Can’t Take It With You

Theatre production of “You Can’t Take It With You”.

We provided Lighting Design, Equipment, Programming and Operation.

LightFactory with Playback and Program Wings

Robe ColorSpot 575 AT
Robe ColorWash 575 AT
LED Quad-18 Par
Selecon Pacific 12-28
Selecon Rama PC

Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

Theatre – Baron Bolligrew

Theatre production of “The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew”.
We provided Lighting Design, Equipment, Programming and operator as well as Production Management.

Enttec ArtNet system
QLab Audio Control

ETC Source 4
Robe ColorSpot 575 AT
Robe ColorWash 575 AT
Martin Mac Aura
ShowPro Quad-18 LED Par
ShowPro EX-36 LED Flood
LED RGB Pixel Bar
Custom Set LED

Global F34 Box Truss
Global F33 Tri Truss

Music Gala Concert

Music Gala Concert

Showcasing developing and amazing musicians, the annual Music Gala Concert was a delight to be a part of.

We provided Lighting for this event.