Street Market Lighting

Street Food Market

Street Markets in style. Lighting and Audio spread down the street took everyone on a journey between each cuisine’s food stall.
We also provided power distribution and generators for all stall holders – quite a lot of power to be distributed, with each stall having multiple cookers and fridges.

Lighting, Sound, Power Distribution: 45 Productions
Balloon Lighting: Airstar Australia
Catering: Chartwells, Compass Group Australia

Executive Assistant Network Conference

45 Productions provided a flawless production Lighting, Audio and Video for the Executive Assistant Network Conference in Luna Park’s Big Top venue.
We also supplied Lighting and Vision for the EAN Dinner on one of the evenings.

Our challenge was to have an adaptable design which allowed our experienced crew to achieve a complete changeover between “Conference mode” and “Dinner mode” in under one hour.

45 Productions provided a smooth and trouble free experience which allowed our client to focus on the other aspects of the event.

Our client was thrilled with our services and equipment:

Thank you! An amazing job. It was excellent and I can’t thank you enough.

Suzy Thomas – Executive Assistant Network

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School K-12 Gala Dinner

School K-12 Annual Dinner

45 Productions provided a special Lighting Package to convert a basketball court and gym into a large event space for the Tara K-12 Annual School Dinner.

We also provided an additional moving package and lighting operator, creating some extra fun for an already fun night.

Sydney Harbour Cruise Audio Services - Clearview

Sydney Harbour Cruise

45 Productions provided an audio solution for a Sydney Harbour Cruise onboard the “Clearview”.

This included speakers, foldback, wireless microphones and in-ear monitors.

Malabar Magic Ocean Swim 2019

Malabar Magic Ocean Swim

45 Productions have specialised in Outdoor Corporate and Sporting Events in a vast range of unusual spaces for almost 5 years.
We were involved in Rainbow Club Australia’s “Malabar Magic Ocean Swim” for 2019.

45 Productions provided audio, covering the huge beach and park area. Our fiber network was crucial in achieving zero delay connection between multiple zones, and seamless wireless microphone coverage throughout the entire space.

Corporate Event Lighting and Vision Production

Signature Dinner 2018

45 Productions provided Vision and an additional Lighting package for the Special Olympics Signature Dinner. Held in Luna Park’s Big Top venue.


Freedom for Humanity - Corporate Event AV Solution - 45 Productions

Freedom for Humanity Gala Ball

45 Productions provided Lighting, Sound & Vision for the Freedom for Humanity Gala Ball at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney.

This included a stage lighting setup, lectern, audio for the whole room, wireless microphones, and a speaker setup for DJ including fold-back.
We also setup 2 projector screens for IMAG cameras, as well as recording the event and presentations.

We are grateful we could be involved in support of such a great cause. The event raised an incredible amount of money for A21 Australia (an Anti Human Trafficking Charity). Congratulations to all involved for their massive effort.

Freedom for Humanity - Corporate AV Solution - 45 Productions Freedom for Humanity - Corporate Vision Solution - 45 ProductionsFreedom for Humanity - Corporate Event AV Solution - 45 Productions Freedom for Humanity - Corporate Event AV Solution - 45 Productions

Trivia Night Event Lighting and Audio - 45 Productions

Trivia Night Drinks, Dinner & Dance

45 Productions provided lighting and sound for a trivia night full of fun, drinks and food!

Lighting set the mood for the trivia part of the night, until the room was converted into a fun dancing party with a jukebox.


  • ShowPro Quad-7 Pars
  • ShowPro Quad-18 Pars
  • ShowPro EX36
  • Martin Mac 101 Moving Light


  • QSC K12
  • QSC KW181 Subwoofer
  • Shure SLX Wireless Microphone Kit


  • Blackmagic Teranex System for Jukebox
Building Opening Special Event Lighting - 45 Productions

BBH Building Grand Opening

45 Productions provided Lighting and Sound for another boarding house building opening at The King’s School.

The night is a historic opening of a brand new boarding house for the school. Our lighting highlighted the building’s structure out the front, and the amazing nature outlook at the back of the building.

We provided audio for speeches and musical performance, before the great display of fireworks.

GrandMA2 Lighting Control - 45 Productions Building Opening Special Event Lighting - 45 ProductionsOutdoor Event Lighting - 45 Productions