While we don’t carry an extensive inventory of stage decks, our carefully selected collection is focused on meeting specific needs.

Small Stages

Perfect for intimate gatherings or events with limited space, our stage decks provide a sturdy platform for performances in cozy settings.

Projector Risers

Elevate your visual experience by providing a stable platform for projectors, ensuring optimal visibility and impact for presentations and visuals. Our projector risers are designed to securely position projectors exactly where they’re needed, offering both precision and stability.

Camera Risers

Ensure optimal visibility and capture angles with our camera rises, offering a stable platform for professional video production.

Front of House Risers & Areas

Tailored for lighting, sound and event management, our Front of House risers and designated areas provide an unobstructed view and control over the event.

Stage Extensions

Enhance the versatility of your stage with our stage extensions, allowing for a seamless expansion to accommodate larger performances or dynamic setups.

Drum Risers

Provide the perfect platform for drummers to shine with our specially designed drum risers, ensuring a solid foundation for dynamic and impactful performances.

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