Importance of Signal & Power Distribution

In live events, the importance of high-quality and reliable signal & power distribution solutions cannot be overstated. At 45 Productions, we proudly carry an array of top-tier brands such as LSC, Cisco, Studio Technologies, and more.

These systems form the backbone of seamless communication, ensuring the flawless delivery of lighting, audio, vision, comms and networking signals in real-time. Dependable power distribution from trusted brands like LSC powers the entire production, guaranteeing uninterrupted performances.

Backup Solutions

Given the zero-tolerance for failure in live events, incorporating robust backup solutions from renowned brands becomes imperative. Any disruption can have cascading effects, jeopardizing the overall success of the event.

Our commitment to using top-tier solutions is not just a technical necessity but a strategic imperative for delivering a polished and professional live event that leaves a lasting impression.

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