Consoles & Control

45 Productions carries control solutions from leading manufacturers such as MA Lighting, ENTTEC and WDMX Wireless Solutions.

We achieve reliable and responsive control of our fixture inventory in even the most demanding and complex environments. We have experience in controlling large lighting networks spanning different suburbs, across the Sydney Harbour, as well as smaller spaces in schools, conference centres and theatres.

Rogue R2 Wash Moving Head LED

Lighting Fixtures

We carry high-quality lighting fixtures from a variety of brands that we have carefully demoed and tested before purchasing to ensure they meet our high standards.

Every job undergoes meticulous planning and preparation in our warehouse before leaving. This ensures that the equipment is working as it should and remains in its best condition. This attention to detail is especially crucial for dry hires and productions, ensuring no time is wasted on-site.

Lighting Fixtures

Martin Lighting

Chauvet Professional





Consoles & Control

MA Lighting grandMA2




MA Lighting


WDMX Wireless DMX

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