AV Equipment Hire

45 Productions is fully committed to providing our clients with high-quality, reliable and purpose-driven products across both sales and rental markets. Each product we offer for sale or hire is extensively used every day in our own production, ensuring that our recommendations are based on our firsthand experience.

Browse through our equipment categories below to discover the range of products we stock and how we utilise them to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.


Our lighting equipment is carefully selected and tested to best suit the diverse needs of our clients and the various types of events that we cater to. This includes a variety of lighting fixtures, consoles & lighting networks.


At 45 Productions, we understand that our clients demand high-fidelity reproduction of music, instruments and vocal reproduction at their events. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of microphones, DI boxes, consoles and other essential gear from leading brands (like Allen & Heath, DPA, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Rode, Just Audio Gear (JAG), Radial Engineering and more).

Visual & Live Streaming Equipment

We carry a powerful range of visual and live streaming equipment that strikes a perfect balance between high quality and affordability, while providing great flexibility for every scenario. This includes cameras, projectors, converters, TVs, wireless video equipment, tripods and much more.

Event Communications Equipment

Efficient and clear communication is vital for the success and safety of any production, allowing all involved parties involved to quickly and easily communicate with the right people, regardless of their location within the venue. Our inventory includes equipment from trusted brands, including partyline, radio communications, antennas, wireless comms, interfacing, and much more.

Signal & Power Distribution

Given the zero-tolerance for failure in live events, incorporating robust signal & power distribution, as well as backup solutions from renowned brands is imperative. Any disruption can have cascading effects, jeopardising the overall success of the event.

Our commitment to using top-tier solutions is not just a technical necessity but a strategic imperative for delivering a polished and professional live event that leaves a lasting impression.


We take pride in exclusively using Nivtec staging, a brand synonymous with quality and precision in staging solutions. Our solutions are focused on meeting various specific requirements, including small stages, projector risers, camera risers, front of house risers, stage extensions and drum risers. 


Our drapery solutions have the power to completely transform a bare space, creating ambiance and atmosphere. Additionally, they play a vital role in optimising acoustic profiles, defining stage spaces, concealing control or production areas, facilitating seamless transitions and providing unobtrusive backdrops for behind-the-scenes work.

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