Our Approach

We are focused on developing long-term relationships, so you can rely on us to address any challenges, capture opportunities and transform ideas into unique experiences.

This approach is based on our four core disciplines:

We understand the importance of executing your event in line with your personalised requirements and ensuring it runs smoothly. There are no second chances!
Our approach involves working with you to find the right solution, even when one doesn’t exist yet. Utilising our range of custom products and proven methods, we then make it happen as you imagined, without compromise.

At 45 Productions, each event is specifically prepared to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our in-house team conducts thorough pre-production work customising, integrating, automating and testing systems before they leave our warehouse. As a result, we require less time on-site, enabling seamless integration with your production schedule for efficient operations for both your team and ours.

With our proven track record, you can rely on our services, expertise and logistical experience to provide a complete and tailored production solution that is both time and cost-effective.

We’re committed to achieving perfection in every aspect of our productions. Our strength lies in our planning from start to finish, so you can rest assured all is covered and that your event will run smoothly and efficiently.

We implement rigorous processes to ensure the proper functioning of all technical elements and make every effort to meet the needs of everyone involved, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Additionally, we conduct multiple site visits, produce CAD drawings to allow clients to visualise scenic and structural elements in advance, and provide detailed documentation to ensure everyone is well-informed of what they need to know.

During the planning and design phase, we proactively detect and address any potential issues to prevent them from causing any disruptions. We also have backup plans in place to quickly resolve any unforeseen challenges, ensuring a smooth continuation of the event. Our clients can rely on our proven methods and processes, providing them peace of mind that their event will be run smoothly and meet the highest standards.

We use only the highest quality equipment to design premium productions. We offer this in a cost-effective manner because our business model is built around making exceptional service and quality accessible for everyone!

Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing before every event, both in our warehouse and on-site. With our dedicated repair and service area, we conduct routine maintenance, regular equipment cleaning after events, assist in the development of custom solutions and quickly carry out repairs as needed. This ensures our equipment remains reliable and operates at peak performance for every event.

We maintain strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, working closely with them to integrate additional features and develop custom products suited to the unique and demanding requirements of school and community theatre and corporate events.

Additionally, we continually invest in new and advanced equipment and purpose-built systems for musical theatre productions.

Our experienced and skilled team is passionate about their work. They’re committed to helping you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process from the initial planning to creating a seamless and memorable experience on the day.

Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds, including professional theatre, community and school theatre, live broadcasting, the corporate sector, education and live music.

This varied experience allows them to actively participate in the early planning of events, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed. Your account manager is your primary point of contact, offering guidance at every stage. Their goal is to listen, understand your requirements, provide constant communication, all leading to a successful and memorable experience.

45 Productions carefully selects our team and invests in their ongoing professional development through dedicated training in the latest AV technologies and industry best practices. This commitment to our people ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, equipped to deliver the highest level of skill and expertise to your events.

Our team is dedicated and motivated by the common goal of ensuring that your ideas are executed to the highest standards, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Our founding Director

Jordan Floyd is an experienced Production Manager and Technical Manager with over 15 years of experience in the events AV industry. His journey began in Musical Theatre, and during this time he has worked for some of Australia’s largest AV companies touring around Australia and on intricate corporate and marketing events locally.

In 2013, Jordan founded 45 Productions with a clear vision to deliver high-quality and personalised services across all levels of productions. This came after recognising a gap in the market for production services that went beyond just providing equipment and crew. His aim was to cover all aspects of an event, delivered with tailored guidance, attentive care and particular attention to detail at every stage.

Today, he successfully collaborates with large corporate firms and event managers to deliver complete and reliable production services for some of Australia’s larger businesses, schools and corporate entities. He achieves this by combining his technical experience and artistic vision with his caring and persistent nature, to personally ensure his clients achieve the outcomes they require.

Jordan also prioritises the well-being and happiness of his team, providing them with the support and development they need to make the most of every opportunity and this in turn benefits our clients.

Going forward, 45 Productions is constantly developing new concepts and ideas and finding efficient ways of delivering high-quality service. Jordan and the team welcome any ideas, large or small, and enjoy the challenge of making them happen!

Our Story

45 Productions is a full-scale event production company offering lighting, sound and visual services to a wide range of clients, including theatres, schools, businesses, conference centres, councils, event mangers and designers.

Established in 2013, 45 Productions initially specialised in providing tailored lighting services specifically for the school theatre market. Interestingly, our name originates from the theatre lighting standard rule, which stipulates that a performer should be “lit from a 45-degree vertical elevation, by a minimum of two light sources, each positioned at a lateral angle of 45 degrees”. 

Since our beginning, we have consistently expanded our services to offer technical solutions for theatre productions, corporate events, school events, live broadcasts, outdoor events, community and council events, live music performances and events over water. 

In 2023, we made a strategic decision to prioritise and focus on the department that has played a crucial role in shaping our identity – our “theatre department”. The department has extended to offer a comprehensive production solution, including lighting, sound, visuals, communications, drapery and staging.

This means our highly skilled and experienced team is fully capable and well-equipped to handle all your event requirements, saving you the time of dealing with multiple providers.

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