2 Day Webinar with Kirsten Peterson

Recently Kirsten Peterson hosted a 2 Day Webinar addressing Thriving in Uncertainty with Insights from elite performance psychologists. A very engaging topic, especially during the uncertain times of COVID.

Kirsten was looking for a production company that could bring in guests from all around the country, interview them and broadcast to an audience all around the globe. Interaction between audience members was crucial as well as a smooth, quick changeover between guests and sticking to time accurately.

We hosted Kirsten in the 45 Productions Studio over two days that helped create the professional, high-quality look of the Webinar. We were able to use our Master Control Room (MCR) to facilitate the management of guests, management of content, vision switching, audio and looking after audience integration and queuing for Kirsten during and between each session.

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, a testament to Kirsten and the quality of her work. We are looking forward to working with her on future events and projects soon.

We thank Kirsten for having us involved, and especially for her testimonial. It was truly great working with her, and we all admire her motivation, talent and knowledge.