School Live Streaming

School Live Streaming

The King’s School used live streaming at their end of year Speech Night last year.  They were happy to be able to reach a much larger audience by sharing the night with those that could not attend or who lived in remote areas.  The school considered it a huge success, not only for reaching such a larger audience, but were really happy with the quality of the production as it reflected nicely on the image of the school. 

The Live Stream also offered an opportunity for people to be involved in the event without leaving home. Staying inside and at home was especially important at this time of year with the bushfires coating Sydney in thick smoke and hazardous air quality. The current coronavirus outbreak presents a similar issue with event attendance that Live Streaming can really help solve.

The production consisted of a live segment before the main show that was live streamed directly to the community.  It featured a pre-recorded video recapping the highlights throughout the school year, as well as live interviews with key guests.

The feedback from the community was that they felt very involved even though they were not in the same room and were happy to have seen it being such an important part of their school life. 

45 Productions provided a complete solution for this event, including #cameras, #audio, #lighting, technical directors & floor/stage managers. The live streaming was all operated from our OB control room.  We also took the opportunity to allow some keen students to further develop their skills and passion for Technology and Live Events by involving them in certain parts of the Live Stream.