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Captivating an audience at your event can be hard, and effectively sharing your message can be even more difficult. Vision and video are fast proving to be very effective methods of delivering an event’s core message and captivating audiences in many creative ways.

45 Productions have realised this, and have invested in a rapidly expanding inventory of live video and vision equipment. We can combine our expertise and creative concepts with this equipment to develop great designs and to effectively deliver your event’s message.

Our workhorse projectors, the Panasonic DZ-870 are well known and trusted in the industry for their reliability, quality and power.

These projectors provide the flexibility of endless designs and arrangements of projector screens – as well as projection mapping on buildings, walls, shapes and surfaces. They are incredibly impressive in any scenario.

Damon Scoullar – Production Assistant, 45 Productions

45 Productions have several lens options available for different sized screens and rooms. All of our projectors are mounted to professional custom fabricated fly frames for easy, precise adjustment, and secure and safe attachment to truss.

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