Quality sound at events is important – but it needs to be effective and not noticed!

QSC K12 45 Productions

It goes without saying that “sound” plays a powerful part at any event. There are many ways that sound can affect the mood, influence actions, and enhance the engagement of your attendees.

Inappropriate or poor quality sound can become the unwanted focus at an event! It should not be left to chance, the quality of the audio should be such that it is effective, but not noticed.

At 45 Productions, we understand the importance of crystal clear and appropriate audio and over the past few years have invested in a large inventory of QSC speakers and have recently added QSC K12 powered speakers to our stock. We have used these speakers at a range of events for presentations, speeches, bands and more. Not only have they delivered the clean, smooth audio that our clients like, but the K12’ s also double as a brilliant fold-back speaker and stage monitor for use on stage.

The K12 speakers also offer great flexibility. They can be used independently or you can talk to us about how to incorporate them in a system for a more extensive audio solution, where they are paired with additional K12’s or sub woofers, and are all run from an audio console, that is operated by one of our experienced crew to further enhance the mood and engagement at any event.

45 Productions also stock the QSC K-Sub, a slim, neat sub woofer. It works well with the K12 and it’s slim design and appearance makes it perfect for corporate use and some bands performances, where space and appearance is crucial.

If you are looking for a DIY option, we can also help you by providing the QSC K12’s speakers. The rear panel provides the options for clients to plug in an iPod, phone, laptop or DJ deck straight into the speaker.

So when planning your next event, talk to Jordan and the team at 45 Productions to find out how we can deliver clearer quality sound and better coverage by using our QSC equipment together with our proven experience. Call (02) 8378 5888 or email events@45productions.com.au

To hire the QSC K12 for your event, call Jordan on (02) 8378 5888 or email hire@45productions.com.au


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