McDonald College ’13’

McDonald College - 13 School Musical

McDonald College recently finished their annual musical, with a brilliant performance of the musical “13”.

The technical production of the musical is run by students, with student LD Zac Austin putting together a lighting design again this year.

Zac’s design worked around obstacles such as low trim height, and limited bump in time and crew. His design utilised as much of the school equipment as possible, before he looked at hiring additional gear.

Zac came to 45 Productions looking for a fixture that he could use as front light or as an effect throughout the rig. There were many design restrictions to consider, including that the fixture had to be equally as suitable on the ground as in the air.

It was a “no-brainer” to recommend our new R2 Wash. Their powerful intensity, zoom range and colour mixing allows them to be used as front light, and their visual effect also makes them attractive for floor fittings.

“I got asked to lower their intensity multiple times, they were so bright.” says Zac. “They performed really well. The beamwork and eye candy look very impressive. Great through the haze too.”

“45 Productions service was as always great and flexible. Their help with sorting a fixture profile for our MA dot2 console was much appreciated and helped the bump in go smoothly.”

For your next event, consider our R2 Wash.  They are available for use in our Production Designs, as well as for dry hire.

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