Fatigue. It’s an issue.

Fatigue continues to be one of the main safety issues in the production and events industry. As such, 45 Productions treat it very seriously and are committed to enforcing our Fatigue Policies to ensure our staff are well rested at all times.

Fatigue is affected by hours of work, length of shifts, and parts of non-work life, including sleep and physical activity outside of work. Often, a person may not feel fatigued, but it is evident that their alertness, responsiveness and ability to work is impaired.

Anyone in the production or events industry will agree that this industry has its difficulties, having to deal with long, unusual hours. This is why we see it as a critical safety issue that needs to be carefully and thoroughly addressed.

We have a large crew at 45 Productions, so we take this responsibility very seriously and have been proactive in developing our Fatigue Management Policy, which includes things like:
1) Observing staff on arrival and during shifts for any signs of fatigue – they may look fine but could be working slower or be less aware of their surroundings.
2) We do not roster on crew without proper turnarounds between shifts and think sensibly about long days. It may be more appropriate to split the day in two, with a new set of fresh crew coming in halfway through.
3) If fatigue is detected, we will act quickly to move the employee’s shift, or change their responsibilities to “lighter duties”, or even send them home. This can sometimes have a brief effect in getting a job in or out on time, but we feel it is most important to ensure the job runs smoothly and that there are no injuries or accidents.

Employees are equally responsible for managing fatigue, and we help them by continually training and reminding our crew of the importance of taking the correct precautions and following our policies. We are happy to say that at 45 Productions we have an almost zero incident rate.

While fatigue will always be present in the industry, we all need to do our part to manage it by reminding and training everyone of how to recognise and manage fatigue and to ensure that as responsible employers we have Fatigue Management Plans and Assessments in place.