Barcoded stock


Over the next few weeks, all stock at 45 Productions will be entered into our new Rental Management System and given a unique asset ID. This asset ID will be converted to a barcode and placed onto every cable, adaptor, light, node…everything!

Our aim in barcoding all equipment is to increase the speed of prepping equipment whilst increasing accuracy in all stages. We will need to perform less stock takes after completing this process, as equipment can only leave and return by being scanned – with each having a unique ID we will know where any part of our inventory is at any time.

We can keep track of equipment needing repairs, total lamp hours as well as the general history of each item. There is also the ability to know what equipment has been lost or damaged, updating our stock levels and alerting our crew to any future jobs that need attention because of lost/damaged equipment.

We look forward to completing this implementation and sharing its advantages with our clients and crew.